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Center Runs On Love
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M Zelcer

M Zelcer

I've decided to join The Center Run! The Special Children's Center helps special needs kids in so many ways with so much love and I'm excited to help them out!

The Center makes life possible for families with special children. I want to be part of their amazing work, and I need friends like you, people who care, to help me - by joining the campaign and sponsoring my run.
Together we can make a difference! Best - MZ

Please go to my page to donate.


raised of $1,800 goal

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1. YKYisroel Meir Krohn
Good luck neighbor!
2. FFranky
Good Luck!! donation 6/24
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4. thTzvi Holtz
GO Motty GO! keep up your amazing work
5. ZSZevi Schwartz
Zevi W Schwartz Black Wolf Capital 7329938495
6. DDouble Your Money
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