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Welcome to Zevi Fishman's Page

Zevi Fishman

Zevi Fishman

I'm a returning runner, part of Team Shlomo, & my cousin Shlomo asked me to join his team again this year. I’m honored to! Shlomo shows me what it means to work hard everyday and not let setbacks stop you.

Zevi Fishman


raised of $1,800 goal

Recent Donations

1. ASAri Sorotzkin
2. EFEli Fishman
in honor of Shlomo
3. CBChaya Bornstein
Go Shlomo, Dovi, and Team!!! We are rooting for you!! Sruly and Chaya Bornsteon
4. CKChesky Karfiol
Go Zevy and the whole Team Shlomo!!!
5. CSChaim Dov Sorotzkin
Go zevi go. Refua shilema to shlomo
6. ZDZell David
Much Hatzlacha!
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