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Center Runs On Love
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Welcome to My Page

Pinny Isaac

Pinny Isaac

Thank you for visiting! I will be running for my cousin Dovid, an adorable little boy with down syndrome, and lzecher nishmas my grandparents who had a special place in their hearts for Dovid. This cause is very dear to me, and I appreciate your support and kindness! Together we can make a difference!
Best - Pinny


raised of $2,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. mzMeir Zwick
pinny break a leg!!!! lol. Go win it! , make us proud!!
2. MIMommy I
AKA the Center Limp?
3. YYitz gaffney
To my dear friend Pinny(the real #HBOR), only a true bal Chesed puts himself through all this training to raise $$ for a cause. I am honered to call you my friend. hatzlacha raba on the run hopefully u make it all the way (it's very tempting to make some snarky golf cart joke right now) and if there was a way for you somehow to cross the finish line in first place wearing that stupid brooklyn nets sweater/t-shirt (and then there would be pics of u all over(oh what good whats app joke pics that would be)) I would have donated the entire $1800 myself. Good luck we are all rooting for you. Yitz gaffney
4. AiAliza Isaac
Good luck Pinny!!!!! Love aliza
5. SkSylvia Krepel
6. MOMordechai Obermister
Always willing to pay, to see you actually run!! Watch those knees! Hatzloche!