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Queen Funding

The center is amazing! Literally every time I go to visit and see all the kids and how happy they are - I just get blown away - we have to help my sister keep this going. She gives it her life and doesnt stop. The parents can't survive without it.


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1. MBMoshe Baalness
2. MBMoshe Baalness
Your the MAN! Keep Inspiring us all!
3. TpThere Is No One Out There Like MO-B He Is The Man Possible!
I wish and daven every day that there would be more people out there like this amazing person Harav Hagoin Hachshuv Vehachcham Moshe Baalness
4. CGChaim G Golub
5. CDChaim Dubin
6. YmYossi Michael
Can’t wait to see you run.