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Center Runs On Love
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Yehuda Chapler

Yehuda Chapler

"Hi, thank you for visiting my page. I will be running for Rafi. Rafi is an adorable 2 year old whose smile makes everyone's day! Please show your support and donate to this special cause. Together we can make a difference!" Thanks! - Yehuda


raised of $1,800 goal

Recent Donations

1. DFDeutsch Family
In honor of YM and T Schuldenfrei, and our little buddy, Rafi!
2. DDouble Your Money
3. MmMoshe Malamud
I'm so proud of you that u are doing this amazing so proud of you aryeh keep it up
4. MmMoshe Malamud
Congrats!!!get ur barf bags ready
5. Yehuda Chapler
6. BFBerney Family
In honor of YM and Tzippy, the most amazing parents Rafi could ever ask for!
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