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Hi. My name is Hershey. I am 7 years old and I'm the most awesome kid in Center, My Sunday Morah said I'm the star of the show! I love to perform, meet new people and especially love to give everyone at Center my signature high five. I'm sure you'll find me at the jog, can't wait to meet you!
Hi, I'm Chezky, I'm 6! I am a sweet-natured and very determined young boy. I don't walk so steady but the center staff encourage me and take me swimming at The Center pool, I feel so independent when I swim, I'm on top of the world! I wish I could jog4center but hope that you will run for me and my friends.
My name is Mordechai, I'm a very active and friendly boy! I love playing games with my Center friends! My teacher at center taught me how to play basketball and now I finally can play with everyone on my block! I am a very fast runner too, and hope to be the winner at jog4Center! See if u can beat me!!
Hi. My name is Sara and I am an adorable, cute 5-year-old little girl! I love doing messy arts and crafts, painting, smearing shaving cream, feeling the sand run through my fingers and toes... At The Center they love it too! The best part of it all is walking through the doors of my house fresh, clean, bathed - just heaven! (My mother has no clue what a mess I was before, I sometimes see tears in her eyes when I walk in so gorgeous so maybe she does know!)
My name is Shlomo and I am a 14 year old, I love being at Center where I get lots of attention. What makes me truly happy is dancing to music, I also love climbing on the Center's jungle gym - I get all my energy out (actually maybe not all) Anyway, I ran in the jog last year - at the finish line my counselors held me up on their shoulders - it was the best moment of my life! I hope you will be there with me this year!
I'm Shmili and I am a sweet, easy-going 8-year-old boy. I have so many friends in center, Chezky is my best friend! I am always happy at because they understand me here and know what I need. It's seriously my home away from home. Ya know, if you join the jog it will help The Center continue what they do for me! (By the way, I can't live without it!)
My name is Yehudis, I'm a Center baby! They welcomed me in at 6 weeks old, so tiny and fragile. Now I'm so big, I turned 2. Everyone at Center gives me so many hugs and kisses, the love me so much. They teach me so many important things and also fun things. This week I learned how to blow bubbles! Jog4Center - Yippee!
I'm Matis and I am a very happy little 8-year-old boy! The doctors say I'll be confined to a wheelchair, but I am determined to prove them wrong, the center staff are racing me on! (Hey, I'm already crawling all over!) I can't jog this year but The Center volunteers keeps telling me I can! Will you join the jog for me?
yisroel meir
Hi, I'm Yisrael Meir and I am 14 years old and quite loveable. The Staff at Center believe in me and I show them what I can do, just to make them proud! I love when they put on music and dance with me, the best part of my day is when they tickle me, I laugh hysterically (I think it's the best part of their day too) Support The Center! You'll be a part of my laughter!
Hi! I'm Chezky and I am a sweet natured, fun and smiling 6-year-old boy who loves adventures! I also love Center where I have great friends and lot of love from the volunteers and staff.
My name is Rachel and I am a sweet and happy 12 year old girl. I can talk with my ipad and communicate to the world what I am thinking, doing, and dreaming for my future - a future that I know will be filled with accomplishments. All thanks to The Center!
My name is Ahuva! I'm 8 years old I'm a real girl! I love being pretty! My favorite part of my day is when I get my hair styled after my shower! I dress well and I'm always perfectly manicured! I feel like a million dollars when I get compliments from everyone who love me! So run for me so the center can continue pampering me!!
Hi, I'm Yehuda! Everyone at Center says I'm 'heaven'!! I'm a happy kid and I love all the activities we do at Center, they are so exciting and keep me focused! I also have the power to make everyone around me feel good and I spread happiness to the whole Center! So run for me, you'll be happy!
Hi, my name is Chavi. Do you know what is the greatest place on earth?? I do- it's The Special Children's Center!! Where I feel comfortable and loved!! I come everyday after school for dancing, games, sports, arts n crafts ... you name it!! As I walk through those magical red doors I can't contain my grin.... and I keep that smile on until I board the bus home and jump into my mothers waiting arms! What an awesome afternoon!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!
Hi! My name is Miri and I am an adorable 4-year-old little girl - best known for my great sense of humor! People say i have a charming smile but i think they just like my many compliments:) I love my sunny filled days I spend at The Center - feel free to join me for a slice of pizza and a great game of hide and go seek!Although I do not walk , Im certain that with my determination i can climb mountains!'re gonna run? How determined are YOU??
Yehuda S
Hi! I'm Yehuda and I'm 10 years old. My rebbe at The Center is tops! His parsha lessons come alive and keeps my whole class captivated! I love going to the park with my friends and having a good game of Frisbee with my staff. Even though it's hard for me I'm going to run this year!
I just love running into our after school classroom every day. There's so much to be excited for I just can't contain my grin! I am a real pro at exercise and I can lead the class with singing and dance lessons any day! The Center after school program is the highlight of my day!
Hi, my name is Simcha, my shining smile is my claim to fame! You're invited to glimpse into my after school classroom and see my face aglow as I laugh along with my friends. If you stick around long enough, you'll get an awesome high five!This year I will be a Champion runner,running the 5k and I cant wait!!Will you be running??
Hi! I'm Chanala and I love all the fantastic programs Center has to offer! Sundays, legal holidays .... and even snow days! I enjoy when my counselors swing me around while dancing to music! But my favorite of all is getting a chance to cuddle, pet , and play with center's bunnies. Run for me!
Hey there! I'm Shua. Coming to Center is the highlight of my day! A giant hug from my teacher sure stays off my day on the right track! I love learning about the Parsha and Yomim Tovim, especially the songs. And dancing tops it all off! Hope to see you at the Run!
Hi! I'm Rooky, and I'm the most lovable boy with a permanent smile on my face! I love coming to Center every day, and seeing all of my friends. I learn so many new things each and every day. I'm a ball of energy and entertain my friends with all of my adorable antics! I don't know what I would do without my Center family. Won't you Run for me?
Hi! I'm Bina. I'm up bright and early each morning asking, "Is it time to go to Center?? Can we leave yet?" Cuz I absolutely can't wait to see all my friends! I'm four-years-old and my favorite color is red. Red sunglasses, red shoes, red nail polish, you name it! My goal for this summer is to learn how to ride a scooter so I can be right in middle of the action on my block! Check out my Instagram page for more adorable pictures of me!! Come stop by, say Hi and Run for my friends and me!"