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Welcome to Zak Sochet's Page

Zak Sochet

Zak Sochet

Hey on June 23rd I will be running in The Center Run! I will be running for Bina Blum! The most adorable little girl who spends her days In The Special Children Center ,thriving and enjoying the unbelievable love and care , and devotion to help her reach her maximum potential.

The Center is there for families 24/7/365 making life manageable for families with children with special needs.

Help me help them continue their amazing work and be part of this awesome cause!

Click my link below ! Do it for Bina!!Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! Best - Zak


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Recent Donations

1. ESEliyahu And Basie Sher
In honor of our niece Bina!
2. DWDevora Weingarten
In honor of Bina and her most amazing family!
3. JLJCM Living
Kol Hakovod!
4. YWYossi& Sora Gitty Weingarten
Bina keep on being the very best! Yossi& Sora Gitty
5. JBJack Blum
In honor of our adorable cousin Bina! Yaakov and Rochel Blum
6. SSShmuly And Rivka Sochet
Good luck Zak!
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